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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

Defense/Special Teams

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Each fantasy football sleeper or bust has their name, team and bye, then the player's
average rank according to our average cheat sheet, then the website's player rank.

 Chicago CHI 912.0
 Tampa Bay TB 712.5
 Buffalo BUF 916.010 
 Pittsburgh PIT 1214.829 
 Carolina CAR 126.812 
 Houston HOU 1011.817 
Sportsline - Jamey
 Jacksonville JAX 1128.820 
 Pittsburgh PIT 1214.8
 Arizona ARI 48.3
 Chicago CHI 912.026 
 Dallas DAL 1126.032 
 New England NE 106.0
Sportsline - Dave
 Pittsburgh PIT 1214.8
 New Orleans NO 615.3
 Arizona ARI 48.3
 Kansas City KC 69.015 
 Cincinnati CIN 49.013 
 Carolina CAR 126.810 
Fantasy Football Toolbox
 Carolina CAR 126.8
 Kansas City KC 69.0
 Dallas DAL 1126.018 
 New Orleans NO 615.328 
 St. Louis STL 44.510 
 Arizona ARI 48.313 

QB    RB    WR    TE    K    D    DL    LB    DB

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